Salaam Bharat

Salaam Bharat is an 12 AA & 80 G Compliant Social Organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

Salaam Bharat is a tribute to the nation expressing the faith of unprivileged who wish to bring an end to their sufferings. It aims at reformation of the society where inequality, suffering and customs are shunned and laws of humanity and fraternity are adopted for sustainable development of all.

It is a non-profit NGO working pan India fostering to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots of the society. It neither embodies our belief that patriotism is neither an asset of the resourceful nor exists in exclusivity; its motto is always noble and lies above materialistic barriers. We are a believer of the cult of dreamers who dare to aspire and know how to fabricate their plans into reality. Although our country is scaling to new heights of globalization but nevertheless the conspicuous void between the unprivileged and the people enjoying the surplus hasn’t witnessed any contraction. In addition to the government’s initiatives several NGO’s and other organizations have taken up to answering to the cries of the society in the past. Much fruitful results have come out of their strenuous efforts but owing to the never ceasing demand of our country the supply is not ample to meet the ends. Consequently we felt that now it’s our turn to take the driver’s seat and contribute to the cause of Social Upliftment or Social Re-engineering as we term it.
It is not constraint to occupying a portion of digitized text but a movement of few ordinary visionaries with loft ideals and aspirations who are ever ready to nurture their cause with concrete steps.


To remove the adversity of every individual by serving and educating them to build up a self reliance society, based on equality and awareness about their rights and duties.


Salaam Bharat aims to spread awareness in the society to stand for the society and to establish a quality education system which will create extra ordinary abilities and indulge them to work, not only for the betterment of the society but also, for the development of the Nation especially in the field of children rights, women welfare, environmental responsibilities (minimizing air, water, noise and cultural pollutions), rural development, disaster and emergency relief as well as religious and cultural activities.

Core Values

Love | Faith | Integrity | Fraternity | Patriotism

Areas of Operation

Public Awareness | Education | Children Rights | Women Welfare | Environmental Responsibilities | Rural Development | Cultural and Religious Activities | Disaster and Emergency Relief

A Trust That Runs On Trust