Salaam Bharat Innovation Lab

Salaam Bharat Innovation Lab is for those who want to make a change.

India is a country of billion possibilities. We have the potential to create innovations that truly disrupt the way we lead our lives; breakthroughs that transform our world. With a billion people, we believe we can achieve more. Through Salaam Bharat Innovation Lab is a national level innovation challenge for those who want to make a change. It is an initiative of Salaam Bharat. we are hoping to inspire and enable Indians to innovate more, disrupt more, create more, and push boundaries that will make the world sit up and take notice.

Come & Share Your Innovation

Innovation means “ideas successfully applied” or “good ideas put to work”. It creates value by doing things differently. It occurs when a novel product or service attracts the support of customers or end users – replacing something that wasn’t as good or clearing the way to do something that was previously impossible.

Salaam Bharat Innovation Challenge is a national level program. If you have a great idea that could help India grasp opportunities or steel us against future economic or environmental shocks, you should enter the Salaam Bharat Innovation Challenge. Brought to you by Salaam Bharat INNOVATION Lab, the awards are helping drive some of the nation’s best ideas to adoption for the society and national growth.

Basic Idea

Basic idea is to promote innovation and research in India. We are lagging behind the rest of the world in the field of research and patents. We live in an age of technology and innovation is the key for individual and national growth. Innovation Lab is an initiative to make innovation an important and integral part of the education.

Route Map

Innovation and Research papers will be invited from all over the country covering wide variety of fields like Physics, Chemistry, Aerodynamics, Electrostatics, Mechanical, Electronics, Information and Communication, Thermodynamics, Computer Science and all other Technologies. The papers will be analyzed by experts and best researches will be given an opportunity to present it in a National Conference which will be held in the campus of JSS Academy of Technical Education, as esteemed institute of technical education. All selected papers will be published in journal.
Top three winners will be selected who will be awarded below prizes.
1 st Prize
2 nd Prize
3 rd Prize
Top researches will be provided expert guidance to take their researches.

Rule & regulations

1. Salaam Bharat Innovation Challenge is open to students throughout India.
2. Each team will consist of 2-4 people.
3. you can also apply individually.
4. At least one of the members in the participating team is a student
5. Participating team have to sign confidentiality agreements.
6. The researcher holds the right to the competition entry
7. The participating team holds the right to the competition prize
8. All rights reserved at Salaam Bharat